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Vertical Blinds will not open

If the slats of your vertical blinds will not rotate in position in the headrail, this can easily be fixed.

Slats will not rotate

You may receive your vertical headrail and the louvers will not rotate; this can be easily fixed by following the below instructions –
Before you begin, you will need to Firstly, please check that you can draw the blind across the window using the controls. If you are unable to do this, please call our Customer Service Team who will be able to direct you.
If you can draw the blind across the window but the louvres will not rotate, please follow these instructions:

1.            Remove all the slats first, and wWith the track fitted in the brackets, remove all fabric strips from the headrail. This process cannot be followed without removing all the slats first.
2.            Once all the louvres have been removed from the headrail, useing the control cord pull this to evenly space the hooks across the full width of the track. 
3.            Using Pull the control chain, pull this to rotate the hooks,. Keep pullingpull this until you hear a clicking noise.
4.            Next, pullPull  the control chain in the opposite direction until you hear a clicking noise again.
5.            Repeat this five or six times.
6.            Re- hook the fabric vanes back onto the hooks in the headrail and test the blind. Y, you should find that the louvres will now fully rotate.

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